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Maintenance has grown out of the need to avoid expensive and long term breakdowns leading to loss of gear, customers, reputation and eventually business.


Air con maintenance operations are designed to prevent problems, minimise downtime, expand lifespan, maximize efficiency and save money. Over the years of practice it is been proved both mathematically and in practice that commercial air conditioning and refrigeration equipment which has not been regularly maintained fails to provide cooling more often than regularly maintained. In fact most of the problems which may occur with air con unit can be prevented by the means of planned preventative maintenance. PPM will serve its purpose immediately after execution: we will achieve better heat transfer from the compressor, faster and effective condensing process and improved air circulation indoors. This minimizes the risk of equipment failure, improves performance and therefore reduces electricity bill.


In long term you will end up paying more for electricity as compressor runs constantly and puts out everything in its power to achieve temperature set by thermostat regardless other system parameters. Prolonged lack of maintenance may lead to a serious problems like compressor motor winding overheat and burnout. If something like this happens all indication lights on your air conditioning unit will cease,  the air directing blades will suddenly freeze in one position and unit will not react to any buttons pressed on the remote. Such problems tend to occur during the peak of the season and peak of your trading time.

Compressor replacement is a very complex operation. It requires a lot of knowledge, expensive specialist tooling and preparation time and of course new compressor and refrigerant, that makes this job expensive.



There is no other way than maintenance.


Any major foodstuffs retailers or restaurant chain whether it is operating in England or Japan is in need of refrigeration equipment maintenance. For instance take Sainsbury`s, Tesco`s, Nando`s or Mc Donald`s or any other local retailer: any of their managers would say that air conditioning and refrigeration equipment maintenance has a big role in successful restaurant and shop management. Big companies like this usually have their own team of engineers, about three dozen of them for a UK size market. Its about half a million pounds annually on salaries only, not to mention vehicles and diesel.

Without proper maintenance sooner or later any cooling system will stop to supply cooling and this will have all kind of negative impact on your business, like losing product, losing sale, losing customers, lengthy repair time. By planned preventative maintenance means we minimise risk of any failure and plan necessary repairs on a convenient time for your business.


There are many benefits in PPM contract. Money spent on planned preventative maintenance is well spent money; it gives you peace of mind that equipment making your business possible is in good working conditions. By means of planned preventative maintenance we are minimising the risk of breakdown. We can plan necessary repair in convenient times like night time or weekends depending on your business needs. Just to be shore that you get what you pay for we included some great benefits into the contract like priority callouts during contract and absolutely free service callouts for three months after the end of The Contract.

Generally two maintenance visits annually are considered enough for commercial refrigeration equipment but depending on circumstances you may need three and even more maintenance visits. Only having maintenance done you can be sure that your equipment will not fail at the peak of your trading time and lack of product or uncomfortable conditions will not scare your customers away.


Before you going to make up your mind whether to have PPM done or not keep in mind that professional high quality maintenance is the only thing that is designed to protect your equipment from unexpected breakdown and keep in good running order



We offer planned preventative maintenance services for customers based in North London: Edgware, Barnet, Enfield, Tottenham, Ilford, Romford, Fienchley, Brent Cross, Loughton, Watford, Borehamwood, Pinner, Harrow, Uxbridge and Central London. In the M1 corridor: Hemel Hempstead, St. Albans, Harpenden, Luton, Stevenage, Hitchin, Leighton Buzzard, Aylesbury, Buckingham, Flitwick, Clophill, Bedford, Bromham, Bletchley, CMK, Milton Keynes, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell, Kingston, Cranfield, Great Linford, Linford Wood, Caldecotte, Kingston, Olney, Towcester, Northampton, Wellingborogh, Rugby, Daventry, Kettering and surrounding areas. M40 corridor Gerrards Cross, Bakersfield, Hygh Wycombe, Penn, Amersham, Chesham, Wendover, Biecester, Marlow, Cookham and surrounding areas.


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